NT Sound Sales and Installations
NT Sound strives to deliver the highest quality sales and service. Whether you are looking for a small overhead system for your restaurant or a full concert system for your venue, we can turn your visions into reality.
Restaurants and Bars:     Clubs:  
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Restuarant and Bar overhead audio is actually quite complicated. The environment is harsh with moisture, dust, vibration, UV radiation and chemical fumes. You need to have the correct equipment for your atmosphere to ensure long lasting, reliable equipment. Our staff has the knowledge to get your place up to speed. We troubleshoot existing systems as well.   Sound for DJ clubs has to be perfect night after night. Dj's can be brutal on your equipment. Having reliable components in your system will save you money in repairs for years. We can breathe life back into your audio system.
Church & Worship:     Small & Large Venues:  
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Does your church need an audio overhaul? We are experts in spoken word audio. Whether your church is small or large, our staff has the knowledge to design a system that will work right for you. Short on space? Ask our sales representative about space saving digital consoles.   Having an audio system that is designed for the room it is installed in is key for venue sound. Tall plaster walls, domes, pillars and room shape all play a factor in the overall sound of the system. We offer large format sound proofing with our installations to ensure that your patron's ears will hear only the best quality sound.
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