NT Sound Inventory
Consoles: FOH & Monitor
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Yamaha PM 5D-RH

• Digital work surface with 100mm moving faders
• 48 mono inputs + 4 stereo
• PM5000 Head amps for top fidelity
• Load your show from flash key or laptop

Yamaha M7CL

• Digital work surface with 48 100mm moving faders
• 48 mono inputs + 4 stereo
• Touch screen for easy set up and operation
• Load your show from flash key or laptop

Yamaha PM4000-48

• 44 mono mic inputs/8 stereo mic/line inputs
• 8 mono aux outputs / 2 stereo aux outputs

Yamaha GA24

• 24 mono mic inputs
• 8 mono aux outputs / 2 stereo main outputs

Soundcraft SM12

• Parametric EQ
• 40 mono mic channels w/ +48
• 12 master mono outputs / 1 stereo output

Soundcraft K3 Theater

• 8 pre/post auxiliaries
• 40 mono mic channels
• Dual Group/FX Module

Soundcraft Series Two

• 8 mono Auxes, with Pre/Post fader switching in pairs
• 40 mono mic channels / 8 group buses
• Two fully featured Stereo line inputs as standard

Soundcraft MH-4

• 48 mono inputs / 4 stereo mic/line inputs
• 8 mono auxes / 4 stereo auxes (or sub-assigns)
• 8 VCA's / Mute scene automation

Allen & Heath Mix Wiz 16

• 16 mono mic channels w/ i/o inserts
• 4 aux sends / returns
• Internal Effects


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MC2 E45

Crest Audio Pro 9200, 8001
Crown Macro Tech 3600, 2400



Sound Reinforcement:

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Nexo Alpha

Compact, high power loudspeaker modules tailored for a wide range of touring and installed sound reinforcement applications; from clubs and theaters to large scale live events.

Alpha System modules include the B1 bass, M3 high-Q Mid/Hi and M8 medium-Q Mid/Hi. The S2 subbass provides optional VLF extension to 32 Hz. Alpha System components are ergonomically designed for ground stacking or flying, using optional integrated flying hardware for the Crossbow flying system.

Nexo GeoS Line Array

The Nexo Geo-S system provides the clear clean sound of Nexo in a compact line-array that can fit where other systems can't. It can be flown from standard rigging points, points with low weight capacity such as air wall track, hung from a crank-up lighting tower or ground -based on a special "stacker" X base (see photo). Its light weight and small size make it the choice of professionals for everything from studio quality acoustic music to pulsing dance beats. An array of 6 boxes weighs only 175 lbs , allowing it to be flown in a variety of situations that would prohibit using any of the other much heavier systems.

MT4 / MT2

EV MT Manifold Technology - 4 Way system is great for outdoor events where long throw is needed.

EV MT2 is our choice for stage side fill and drum fill. However, MT2 is great for small rooms / bars because of it's compact design that packs a punch.

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